Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Does Amaira Work?

Yes! Our business wouldn’t be booming if it didn’t. We are so confident it will work, we provide a 45-day money back guarantee to all our customers!

Are there any harmful ingredients in Amaira?

No. Again, there are no parabens, perfumes, or harmful chemicals used in Amaira. We strictly use all-natural ingredients to get you the results you desire.

How exactly does a skin lightening cream work?

Lightening creams are created to stop the production of melanin (chemical that causes colour in skin) in the formation of new skin cells. As the body naturally sheds old skin cells, the new skin cells that have less melanin in them produce a lighter skin tone.

Can Amaira be used on any skin tone and type?

Yes. Amaira can be used by men and women of all races and varying skin types.

Can I use other creams with Amaira?

No, not typically. The only exception to this is to use a sunscreen on the areas that you have applied Amaira. After the cream is absorbed into your skin, it is then acceptable to apply sunscreen with 30 SPF if you are going to be in direct sunlight. All other types of creams shouldn’t be used alongside Amaira, including an exfoliate.

Can I use Amaira if I am pregnant?

No. It is not advisable to use this cream during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Given that skin care creams can be absorbed into the bloodstream; it is best to avoid utilising skin creams as it is always unclear how it would affect the baby. Even more, using Amaira on nipples while breastfeeding is not wise, as it can irritate nipples and be ingested by the baby. Also, pregnancy hormones often result in discolouration of the skin, even after pregnancy, so it is best to wait until you are done breastfeeding to begin safely applying Amaira.

When should I stop using Amaira?

Use as directed, until the desired skin tone has been reached.



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